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Market survey and introduction campaign for the Israeli Medjool Dates in India


Agronomy and agri-technical consultation

Upgrading a mango plantation in southern India

  • Thousands of acres

  • The problem presented: low yield, low revenue, insufficient profits

  • AgriQuality’s task: to increase the yield in a cost-effective way.

  • Our services: teaching modern cultivation methods, and establishing a trial and demonstration plot.

  • Result: the customer will benefit from increased yield, revenue, and profits.


Export of fresh produce

Building a fresh produce export company

  • Exporter of fresh produce in Israel.

  • Customer’s yearly turnover: tens of millions of dollars.

  • Challenge: to find new markets for a new crop.

  • Our role: to develop and support the company’s strategic decision-making as well as its implementation and execution.

  • Our services: market survey, recommendations and building of new profit center (recruiting staff, writing procedures, computerizing).


Fundraising and strategic consulting for Agri startup

  • Setting strategies and goals

  • Business planning

  • Fundraising

  • Management consulting

  • Assistance with product development

  • Marketing from introductory stage

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3000000 liters reservoir _15 Making of the Reservoir at Dumra Farm site, Gujarat, India.JP

Turnkey projects

Starting with a feasibility study, we have accompanied a customer in Gujarat through the various planning stages. 

AgriQuality's project manager led all building stages until the commencement of the farm's operation, from negotiations with suppliers to the final overlap and transfer of responsibility to the local farm manager.


Professional tours, demonstrations, and delegations

Organization of official delegations to Israel, whether a VIP visit organized as a JV with the Indian embassy in Israel and the Israeli consulate in Mumbai or a delegation of farmers.

AgriQuality's team was responsible for the visit's schedule and coordinating meetings with farmers and professionals according to the delegation operators’ requests. 

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Professional sourcing

  • Using our 'Green Network' for the benefits of our customers.

  • Sourcing of products according to our global customers’ requests.

  • Adjusting the proposed solution to the customer’s unique needs.

  • Assisting supplier and buyers to close a deal for their mutual benefit.


Exhibitions, conventions, and seminars around the world

  • Consultation services for agriculture and agri-tech exhibition organizers.

  • Increasing the effectiveness of the preparations for exhibition participants and organizers.

  • Representing customers at international exhibitions.

  • Lecturing and participating in conventions and seminars.

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