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India & Israel

AgriQuality's main markets are the Israeli and Indian markets. The agricultural sector in India is a major contributor to the country’s economy. It is facing similar challenges to those Israel is contending with i.e., the need to feed a growing population while urbanization creates a manpower shortage in rural areas, a shortage of irrigation water, and competition for land resources from other users.

As in Israel, Indian agriculture must become more efficient and more extensive to meet its challenges.

With extensive experience and a team of professionals we offer our customers a variety of services: 


Feasibility Studies, Strategic and Business Plans

Evaluation of agronomic and financial feasibility, recommendations of varieties, estimation of required investment, markets analysis and research are just a part of what we do.


Thinking "Out Of The Plot"


AgriQuality offers a creative approach, both in and out of the plot, with the latest high-tech developments offering solutions for agriculture and water problems.


Our Team

Over the last two decades, we have built our team with great attention to professionalism in a wide range of agriculture fields. We have offices in Pune, and Maharashtra. Our staff is service oriented and maintains high professional standards.


Indian Culture

After having visited India numerous times and hosting hundreds of Indian delegates during recent years, we are very familiar with the Indian culture, especially the Indian business culture, and can bridge gaps between businessmen from both nations.


Vast experience in the India agriculture market

As most of our experience stems from 'green network' projects in the states of Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra, any new project will benefit from advantageous starting points in these regions of India.


Business Services And Many More 

We have hosted dozens of different delegations from India and participated in arranging government tours in both India and Israel for more than a decade.  Shafrir Godel, AgriQuality’s CEO, has written many articles about Israel-India relations in the field of agriculture. Shafrir has also participated as a keynote speaker in bilateral events and seminars.

India and Israel’s relationship stands at the center of our business strategy. Developing our business in India is more the just business. For us, it is a genuine desire that we are passionate to develop while seeking new partners to share this passion with.

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