From Traditional Agriculture To Value Agriculture 

ISRAEL- B (336)
ISRAEL- B (336)

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מסיירים במשתלה במושב שרשרת
מסיירים במשתלה במושב שרשרת

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ISRAEL- B (336)
ISRAEL- B (336)

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Thinking Out Of The Plot 

Creative approach, in the plot and out of it,  is crucial for farmers economical survival. AgriQuality's service range combine innovative and advanced agronomic as well as business support in agriculture sector. 

Being well connected to the agri-business sector, we are well familiar with the cost reduction need and increasing Green Regulations that will force agriculture to use less resources and to become more productive.

We are updated with the development of precise agriculture and the crucial resources shortage (land, water, and labor) that lay the foundations for high tech solutions for agriculture.

During the last few years we have focused our efforts on the Indian market. You're welcome to visit our India page to see more. 


AgriQuality In Glance 
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AgriQuality is a global consultancy and Agri-projects' integration and management firm.
Among our customers one can find technology companies, perishables exporters and farmers.

During the last few years we have focused our efforts on the Indian market.

We have perfected our abilities in this market to the level of helping Indian as well as foreign companies to "close a deal".

Latest News 
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Agriquality wishes all her customers plenty of success, happines and health.















Mr. Shafrir Godel. Agriquality's MD, participated in a food industry webinar for Indian entrepreneurs

The webinar, that was held earlier today  (September 29th) was part of the FoodPro 2021 Summit.
It was organized by Solution Buggy and by the MSME development institute Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Mr. Godel was invited to participate by the Israeli consulate in Bangalore.
He got the opportunity to share his international business development experience with the Indian entrepreneurs and to learn from other participants.

As India is Agriquality's main market, second only to the Israeli one, we see a great importance in participant in such a professional events and we are looking forward to deepen our business activities in India.













Agriquality continue to promote products of Israeli companies in India

Last week , Dabik's Catchy sheets from were placed in a demonstration greenhouse in the Pune area, India. Despite the difficulties of the corona, we continue to promote products of Israeli companies in India. In the photo, a demonstration plot of cherry tomatoes. Immediately after planting Catchy sheets were placed in order to prevent the development of insect populations in the greenhouse.