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AGRI is our Culture

AgriQuality's international agricultural 'green network', together with our vast experience and constant learning efforts, enable us to "make it happen" for our customers while encouraging 'out of the plot' thinking and implementation of advanced agri-tech solutions.​

AgriQuality at a glance



AgriQuality is the hub of an agri-business cluster of companies and professionals, available for our customers around the globe.


Our business model is based on:

• Intensive work on coordinating expectations

• A wide range of professionals

• Flexibility in finding the required solution

• Complete trust in business cluster members

• Personal guidance from AQ project leaders. 

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Our customers include farmers, regional organizations and cooperatives, agriculture inputs suppliers, agri-tech startups and VC’s, machinery manufacturers, NGO's and government entities, academic institutions, and more.

AgriQuality's primary markets are Israel and India However, over the years, we have gained experience in other countries in Europe, Africa, and America.


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Our Team 

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Over the previous two decades we have built our team with great attention for professionalism. We also cultivate and promote the ability to communicate with other team members in order to create synergy for the benefit of our customers. Our staff is service oriented and maintains high professional standards.

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Sample projects 


The following are examples of relevant projects and customers:

  • Market surveying, locating, and evaluating potential representatives for different customers in several Asian and African countries.

  • In Israel, there are numerous field experiments and field trials for fertilizers, insecticides, and pesticide suppliers.

  • Daily consultation for farmers in Israel.

  • Feasibility studies of agriculture projects in Israel and abroad.

  • Agriculture projects consultancy (planning, establishing, and maintaining).

  • Strategy shaping, business planning fundraising for a startup company. 

  • Government and NGO support with regional development projects.

  • Sourcing and due diligence for global companies’ investments in Israeli companies. 

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