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Taking a Cue from Israeli Farmers

Business with some growers is booming – mainly because they are doing agri the Israeli way. They know that being a good traditional grower is not enough and that they need to innovate, adopt new technologies, and move up the value chain.

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Thinking Out of the Plot

Some growers in agriculture companies are blooming and their business have scaled up. Most of the time, this is because they are thinking "out of the plot". These growers have added other business undertakings to their traditional tasks as growers and understand that they have to think business-wise.
(Shafrir Godel, AgriQuality CEO. Agro Israel Magazine)

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SMB's from Israel do not define Indian Market as Target Market

Apart from the diamond trade, most of the commerce between India and Israel is conducted by large chemical and mineral companies and defense-related industries. The global economic crisis affecting Israel's traditional export markets increased the number of Israeli companies that sought to develop their businesses to the East. Israel's reputation in a variety of areas, including agriculture, renewable energy, and water technologies, is an excellent leverage point for those exporters looking to set out in this vast country. Collaboration between Israeli and Indian consultancy companies would help Israeli exporters achieve a "soft landing" in the Indian market (Shafrir Godel, AgriQuality CEO. of Mashov Agriculture Magazine).

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The Need to Feed

The need to feed has led the Israeli agriculture sector to its well-known international achievements during the last century.

The need to feed the Israeli population in a hostile environment with limited land, water, and manpower resources has led to the emergence of an innovative and creative sector that is now leading the world in many aspects.

Israeli agriculture has become an efficient industry, competitive with many other places around the globe.

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