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Delegation of executives and faculty members of the BESTIU University from India - December 2022

This month I led a visit of a delegation of executives and faculty members of the Bharatiya Engineering Science and Technology Innovation University (BESTIU) from India.

The members of the delegation learned about the agro-tech ecosystem that is emerging these days in Ofakim. They were impressed by the cooperation between the various parties involved in the establishment of the ecosystem; Municipality, industry and the business sector, academia, philanthropy and the NGO's. They expressed a desire to explore possibilities of cooperation.

The delegation also visited the Gilat Station as the guests of Professor Arnon Dag. The delegates were presented with several studies by Professor Dag and his colleagues and discussed possibilities for cooperation between the institutions.

We ended the day as the guests of the CEO of the Shikma Besor Drainage Authority, Dr. Nehemia Shachaf, who together with Ofer Shaulker, director of the Authority's planning department, presented us with the interesting project of harvesting surface runoff in Nahal Betarim. The project is designed to prevent flooding down the stream.

From there we all ran, Indians as well as Israelis, to watch the huge final of the soccer world cup.


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