Green Economy - Agriculture, Clean Tech and Water technology this is where we act


Innovation and entrepreneurship

Technology, solutions and products  sourcing 

Israel is well known around the world for its innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Green Start Up Nation offers vast range of Innovative technologies and products for the Green Economy.  Many leading global companies have a permanent presence in Israel. Many of them hold R&D centers in It. 

Israel also has the highest start up number per capita in the world. the total number of  startups is higher then whole Europe and second only to the silicon valley In the USA. 

For the global Companies, AgriQuality provides Technology and solutions locating according to customers needs and definitions. those technologies are then combined into the solutions provided in the global markets. 

AgriQality will: 

  • Short list available technologies

  • Report future technologies at their early stages 

  • Conduct feasibility studies

  • Prepare technology surveys

  • Competitor analysts 

  • Create or evaluate business plans

  • Take part at JV creation stages

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Understanding Green Economy

Business opportunities evaluation and Due Diligence 

AgriQuality brings to table deep understanding and familiarity with Israeli Green Economy of agriculture, clean tech and water industries.

Close relationship, together with our committed team, Green Network and experts' cluster enable us to identify and evaluate business opportunities. 

International companies wishing to engage Israeli business activities approaches AgriQuality for Due diligence and experts professional opinion.  


We are working closely with our customers in order to make sure they get clear picture before they take  business decisions.  

Information provided by local companies is challenged and carefully examined. In case of a need, field study and interviews are conducted and data is reviewed by relevant professionals. Then, conclusions and recommendations are presented to our customers. 


Presence in Israel 

Representing office in Israel - Office of Interest 

International companies, seeking business presence in Israel, in order to become closer to its advanced technologies uses AgriQuality's well developed networking and ability to reach anyone and everywhere in Israel.

Companies that seeks cooperation with Israeli companies of all sizes, may rely on AgriQuality's local presence for their benefits. 

Executives that wishes to understand better their Israeli partners way of thinking and way of doing business can rely on AgriQuality's staff to becomes the professional out reach mean in the hands of global management teams.

AgriQulaity's Flexible business model, combining monthly expenses covering with success related fees, enable international companies to achieve more in a shorter period. To maintain cost effective business activities. 

Local presence in Israel attracts Israeli companies and make them understand "we mean business". Local presence make it easier for local players to approach the internationals and increases the success chances for mutual business development