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Mr. Shafrir Godel, CEO, Agriquality, gives a presentation tomorrow morning about agriculture technologies in India’s Largest Virtual platform for Smart Technologies.

AgTech is emerging industry sector is focused on reinventing farming from being a labor-intensive profession to a new kind of tech career. By bringing big data management technologies, smart sensors, artificial intelligence systems and predictive analytics into farming, the AgTech sector can make agriculture far more efficient

This past weekend, Shafrir Godel, along with his colleagues at Sharona Partners met with Shri. Rakesh Naithani, Special Secretary & OSD to Governor Maharashtra India and with his colleague Mr. Yachneet Pushkarna a businessman, social entrepreneur and director of the ecovillage Govardhan Eco Village. 
The two are part of a delegation organized by the Israeli consulate in Mumbai and accompanied by its representative. 
The meeting took place as part of the activities of the agro-tech ecosystem in Ofakim, Israel.
We discussed possible collaborations, especially the organization of delegations of students who will come to the agro-tech campus in Ofakim, along with the organization of delegations of businessmen and investors who will visit the Innovation Center in Ofakim. These delegations will deepen their acquaintance with the world of Israeli agriculture and agro-tech and together will promote cooperation with startup companies and other companies operating in Ofakim and the western Negev region in Israel


Mr. Shafrir Godel. Agriquality's MD, participated in a food industry webinar for Indian entrepreneurs

The webinar, that was held earlier today  (September 29th) was part of the FoodPro 2021 Summit.
It was organized by Solution Buggy and by the MSME development institute Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Mr. Godel was invited to participate by the Israeli consulate in Bangalore.
He got the opportunity to share his international business development experience with the Indian entrepreneurs and to learn from other participants.

As India is Agriquality's main market, second only to the Israeli one, we see a great importance in participant in such a professional events and we are looking forward to deepen our business activities in India.

Agriquality continue to promote products of Israeli companies in India

Dabik's Catchy sheets from were placed in a demonstration greenhouse in the Pune area, India. Despite the difficulties of the corona, we continue to promote products of Israeli companies in India. In the photo, a demonstration plot of cherry tomatoes. Immediately after planting Catchy sheets were placed in order to prevent the development of insect populations in the greenhouse.


Agritech course in Ofakim - July 2021

New course that opened last week as part of Ofakim's agritech training center.

The course, which includes theoretical studies in a variety of related fields and practical experience in agricultural areas, will last about two months.

Most of the participants are from Ofakim and the regional councils in the Negev.

The agritech training center is located in Ofakim as part of a strategic move aimed at transforming Ofakim into an international center for knowledge, the know-how industry and innovation in the fields of agritech.


Agriquality was recognized as one of the 10 most promising agricultural consultants by the Consultants Review, India.
July 2021

The need to feed has led the Israeli agriculture sector to its worldwide
well-known achievements in the last century.
The need to feed the Israeli population in a hostile environment
with limited resources: land, water, and manpower,
created an innovative and creative sector that is
now leading the world in many aspects.


Agriquality & Davik Collaboration in India - July 2021

Agriquality is happy to announce a new collaboration with the Davik Corporation to market the Catchy product to India.

After successful experiments with Israeli farmers, Davik and Agriquality are searching for distribution channels in the Indian market that can add Catchy to their line of products.

Image by Charles-Adrien Fournier

Israel Start To Export Agriculture Products to Bahrain in January 2021


After signing a declaration of peace and establishing diplomatic relations on October 2020, Israel received this month's official approval from the Bahrain authorities to export fresh agricultural produce.

Bahrain importers, we invite you to contact us if you are in search of Israeli suppliers. 


Kisan 2020 - India’s Largest Agri Show

December 2020


AgriQuality participated in the Mobile Kisan exhibition – an innovative platform for agriculture business networking during the COVID-19 period. 

We had the opportunity to introduce our services to many Indian farmers seeking to improve their farms from traditional agriculture to more advanced and technology-oriented farms.

As Jumars Seeds' representative in India we also ensured that they receive opportunities to separately list their products. 

Image by Stanislav Ferrao

UAE & Israel Developing Agricultural Ties 

Article at The Media Line

August 2020

"Sixty percent of Israel’s agricultural exports, which include tomatoes and watermelon, come from the Arava, which is very similar to the UAE, with bad soil, poor quality and limited amounts of water"


Remote Farming Applications

May 2020


The Corona Virus Inviting many challenges, and remote services can help to overcome some of the challenges.

In addition, improving your agricultural production can be done with Remote Farming Applications.

check some of the applications that are available.


Covid-19 Virus

April 2020

We wish all of our customers' good health at this difficult time. We urge you to take care of yourselves and to listen to the instructions.

We are expecting to make business with you again as soon as possible.


New collaboration with Atid International

March 2020

We think that professional training is a major tool for developing citizens and the bridge to a better life. 
Our JV goal is to provide knowledge and skills to everyone to cope with life's challenges and develop themselves. Together we train people to become professionals.

hand shake with Kalesh general manager.

AgriQuality's MD,
Shafrir Godel has Visited Kalash Seeds India

January 2020

The visit is part of our mutual efforts to develop new mutual vegetable varieties for the Indian Market. In the picture our meeting with Sameer S. Agrawal, Kalash MD.


AgriQuality will  host two professional delegations for a costumed visit to Israel

December 2019

The visit is part of our mutual efforts to develop new mutual vegetable varieties for the Indian Market. In the picture our meeting with Sameer S. Agrawal, Kalash MD.


Agriquality will represent Jumars Seeds in India 

December 2018

Jumars Seeds is a family-owned company, located in the southern part of Israel. Since Jumars establishment in 2010, its team is dedicated to the development, production and marketing of high quality seeds


Eliron Toby has joined AgriQaulity's managemen

July 2018


Following several years of mutual work with Agriquality's professional team, former Netafim-Israel marketing executive, Mr. Eliron Toby has Join AgriQuality's management and will act as the companies president.  

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