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Our Team

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Shafrir Godel
Shafrir is a business entrepreneur, business consultant and lecturer for the business aspects of the Israeli and international agriculture. His financial and business knowledge together with his deep familiarity and his passion to the world of agriculture gives its customers a winning combination of over twenty years of experience in guiding, leading and developing agricultural projects in Israel and abroad.

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Eliron Toby
Marketing Expert and innovation catalyst.

For more than 25 years, Eliron develops and oversee marketing campaigns to promote products and services with special expertise in Agro-Marketing. . Eliron capabilities includes strategic marketing analysis, brand development, creative and innovation leadership.
Eliron holds a Bachler’s degree in Behavioral Sciences (Ben Gurion University, Israel) and Master’s Degree in marketing and strategic management (University of Maryland, The U.S.A

Yaron Drori  
Agronomist. Soil & water expert. 

Yaron holds a PhD degree in soil and water sciences from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
and  has 17 years of field experience. Since 2006, co-owner of "Etza Agriculture", a well-known consultants company in Israel.

Yaron is an expert in vegetable growing, seed production, soil and water issues, soilless matrix, greenhouses and advanced agricultural projects.

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Dan Nachlieli 
Agronomist. Plant protection expert.  

Dan has an experience
as a field agronomist for 30
years. Dan is an expert in open field vegetables and plant protection. He worked extensively with world renowned industry - leading seed producers and agro-
chemical manufacturers. Dan has executed projects throughout Israel as well as for farming projects in Bulgaria, Poland, and Jordan.

Professional Advisers

Michael "Mishi" Salomon
Agribusiness specialist

Mishi have 30 years of experience
in all aspects related to implementation of agricultural policies, regional planning, development administration, marketing, training and transfer of
new technologies.

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Michael Nazrein
Business Facilitator in India

Michael is the Indian representative based in India, specialised in the business of Agriculture and Fresh produce Industry, he has gained his full hand experience with Planting materials, Plant nutrition & Post Harvestment Technologies. his expertise in Marketing & Research has given windows to many companies an opportunity to start up in India.

He is the extension office of AGRIQUALITY in India.

Eilam Raz
Agronomist & Project Manager

Eilam has ten years of experience as the CEO of the Agricultural Corporation of Kibbutz Ein Gedi. Currently serves as the agriculture project coordinator of the Kibbutz and as the chairman of the construction and integration of the kibbutz. Eilam holds a BA in economics and psychology and a graduate of the Ministry of Agriculture's studies at the field of subtropical crops in organic farming. 
Eilam is also  serves for the last six years as the director of the kibbutz Partnership ACS.Eilam involved in monitoring and advising agricultural projects in India for the past four years.

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Dr. Or Lavi
Stratigic Consultant and government progect's manager
Or is a Doctor of Political Science with a great practical experience in writing and implementing governmental decisions which lead to long-term change.  Or have also an expertise in planning regional and local strategic plans.
This kinds of expertises are very useful in creating each kind of complicated program which involves many relevant partners. The ability of Or to manage the whole process by integration effectively between all the players is a critical component for success, during the planning phase and equally important during the implementation phase.
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