A window to the Israeli agriculture
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A connection between the Israeli Agriculture and India

consultancy services for  Indian entrepreneurs
  1. Agri-projects'-integration
  2. Agronomic and growing consultancy in variety of fields of expertise. Post-Harvest, packing, export and trade logistics.
  3. Locating relevant Israeli Technologies and adjustments to Indian needs. 

Consultancy services for Israeli entrepreneurs
  1. Locating business partners - A joint venture between Netcribes from India and Agriquality from Israel- click here for more information
  2. Business strategy and Business Development services
  3. Off the shelf and customized market surveys. Locating and evaluating of potential  local representatives. 
  4. Due diligence
  5. Locating Indian service provider
Advanced agriculture's seminars for Indian farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs.  Based on the Israeli experience.
  1. The Israeli Agriculture Story – a case study of entrepreneurship and Innovation. read more
  2. Regional master planning
  3. Israel water hi-Story.
  4. Thinking Out of The Plot – innovative approach for Agriculture.
Professional Business trips In Israel - understanding what has worked for Israel
  1. Vegetable growing
  2. Citrus orchards.
  3. Pomegranates growing and processing.
  4. The Israeli water miracle.
  5. Fishery and Aquaculture.
  6. Advanced dairy farming.
Press release- September 2013-Businessmen and farmers from India are showing interest in Negev’s advanced agriculture

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