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Market survey and partnership locating

A World class leading agro chemicals manufacturer 2016
  • surveying agriculture crops in several countries.
  • Long listing of potential business partner.
  • Developing evaluating model and then short listing and characterising of leading potential partners.
  • Multi language task
Israeli Dates’ markets development – India
Development of new market for Israeli export of dates for the Israeli Plant Board. 2013-2014
  • Surveying the new market, identify suitable niche for Israeli produce.
  • Defining penetrating strategy and main messages to be promoted in the new Indian market for the fresh dates.
  • Long listing and then short rational listing of potential agents and partners for Israeli exporters
  • Planning and lunching of media and PR campaign.
  • Escorting and assisting Israeli exporters.

Improving mango yields – India

Agronomy & agro-technical consultation 
Mango plantation India 2011
  • Thousands acre of mango
  • Low yield, low revenue, insufficient profits
  • Our role to increase yield in a cost effective way.
  • Our services: teaching modern nursery managment and cultivation methods, establishing of trial and demonstration plot. post harvest treatment.
  • Customer gain more yield, revenue and profit


Growing and pickling cucumbers for the Israeli Industry 
 India 2012  
  • Recognizing the Israeli market needs. 
  • Locating partners and Investors for the JV in India
  • Performing  the feasibility study and business plan for the project
  • Agronomist guidance and training for growing the type and size of cucumbers consumed by the Israeli market.
  • Creating the market in Israel 

Establishing a Pomegranate Project in India
India 2012  
  • Pomegranate farming in india. Agriquality served as an integrator for establishing a pomegranate growing project in India, between a professional Israeli company to the Indian client.
  • The Israeli company will provide professional support along the way- from planting preparation, to marketing.

Building an export company
Leading fresh produce exporter – Israel 2004  
  • Yearly turnover: Tens of million dollar company. exporting vgetables and fresh herbs.
  • Seeking a new market for new crop - cut flowers and greens.
  • Our role: support a strategic decision.
  • Our service: market survey, recommendation and building of a new profit center (business planing, recruiting staff, writing procedures, computerizing).

  • We use our export experience to help growers negotiating with export companies and fresh produce buyers and wholesalers. we also help smaller export companies, either in sourcing for fresh produce' suppliers and in reaching new markets.

 Working with Israeli farmers
  • Farms Business planning.
  • Pricing methods and tools.
  • Participating in strategic and investment discussion
  • Help negotiating and establish working methods with fresh produce exporter and traders and the supply chain participants.
  • Leading farmers become the exporters.

Sample project – Agro start up 
  • Our services: Setting strategies and goals, business planning, Funds raising, Management consulting. Opening markets, introducing to potential customers.

Building a new International marketing department
Leading international exhibition organizer
  • Our role: To lead a strategic discussion in the firm regarding growth engines.
  • Our service: Searching for suitable growth engine for the firm, introducing them to the firm’s management, participating in the strategic discussion, introducing to the workers, building of working plane and budget, executing a world wide marketing campaign.
  • Customer gain: Its events become international; thousands of overseas visitors, tens of foreign customers every year.

During the years we have worked with several Agricultural exhibition managers in their business development and marketing.


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