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Noteworthy Agriculture Sites

Welcome to FAO - Agriculture
The UN's food and agriculture site including research reports and stats on industries
within the field.
Today's Market Prices
Daily wholesale prices for fruits and vegetables worldwide.

Business.com – Agriculture Reference
This categorized site is a network of sources within the agriculture field.

FAS Online
The Unites States Agricultural Department site contains abundant amounts
of information on the world's agriculture market.

Large internet guide that scopes many agriculture sites. The sites are categorized
by subjects such as technological development, marketing, water, environment,
organic agriculture and so on. It is possible to search by key phrases or navigate
by general or specific terms. All of the sites within the guide have been meticulously
examined by experts and professionals in the agricultural field.

FIS-Fish Information and Services
The site discusses the growing of fish and agriculture. Includes a search
engine of fish growers and wholesalers according to countries, prices
and varieties. Included are market surveys, worldwide exhibits and more.

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For the International Business Travelers & Traders

A Directed Conversion Center
The site offers a friendly way to convert measurement units in every category one can
think of. Weight, temperature, volume, length, speed, angle, time, pressure, energy-this
includes units from the computer world and astronomy. The site has an internal search

The Best Hotels Worldwide
How to find a hotel via the internet. Using this site, you will be able to make a more
informed decision. Travel and Leisure, American Express's daughter company offers
users a useful search tool to find 500 of the best hotels worldwide through this site.
Among other features, you can choose a hotel by size, location, environment or
appropriateness for children.

World Air Ports Guide
The Following sites contain vital information for Business Travelers. Links to
worldwide airport information, flight schedules, hotels, car rental services
and more.

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General Index

Countries Information Page Background Notes are updated/revised by the Office of Electronic Information and
Publications of the Bureau of Public Affairs as they are received from regional bureaus
and are added to the database of the Department of United States web site.

Executive Planet
ExecutivePlanet guide to international business culture, customs, and etiquette, which covers
many aspects of doing business worldwide.

ExpoPromoter combines 82,364 business events by more than 8,538 event organizers

International Phone Guide
Are you searching for a person's phone number somewhere in the world?
This special site pools under one roof both yellow and white pages of phone companies
worldwide. The site offers a search by country to find a person. Also, you will find e-mail
services, maps and flight information.

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