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About us

Agriquality is an agroconsulting company established in 1998, with offices located in southern Israel, not far from the large farmlands of Arava desert and the Western Negev.

AgriQuality offers a very deep understanding of and familiarity with the Israeli  modern agricultural sector.
The main focus is on international agro-business and rural development.
Shafrir Godel, AgriQuality’s CEO, and the staff at AgriQuality, supports the customers throughout the developing of their
own business, local or international. 

Being active in the agriculture sector in the last 25 years, Shafrir has developed a wide, tight and affective business networking
to be used on an everyday basis for better planning and executing of new ventures.

Under Shafrir's leadership AgriQuality provides consultancy and managements services to farmers and agro-companies in Israel
and in various countries, growing conditions and different business atmosphere.

AgriQuality address  stratigic, economic, marketing, operational and agronomic questions and offers professional solutions and
value adding to our customers
Among AgriQuality's clients’ one can find few offices of the Israeli government, rural municipalities, farmers and
agribusiness' companies in Israel, India and several European countries. 

our experts have participate in few rural development projects in the arid south of Israel and gain a precious experience in
implementing government intentions and budget for the benefits of his customers in the regions he was working in.

AgriQuality’s experts also participate in the strategic decision and procedures taken by AgriQuality's clients. We are involved with customer's dilemmas regarding deferent aspects of the value chain; starting up with an idea, planning, investment and fund raising, operational, agronomical and marketing aspects. 

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